Youth Group


Since we heard of your faith in Christ Jesus, and of the love which ye have to all the saints,
For the hope which is laid up for you in heaven ... Colossians 1:4-5

What We're About
It has been said, “Everyone has a right to their own opinion.” But what about important issues like Heaven, Hell, the meaning of life, what's right, what's wrong, and how to live the best life? Can you believe whatever you want? Does it even matter? How can I know who or what is right? At Cornerstone, we believe the most important thing we can do is share the truth of God's Word. The Bible is the absolute source of all truth and is meant to be the authority of our lives. If you have questions about life, we can show you answers based on the truths found in God's Word. From the Bible, you can get answers for every question and problem in life.
If you're tired of pretending to be someone you aren’t so that other people will accept you...quit playing the game. Quit risking your future for someone else's approval. Here at Cornerstone, you will find real friendships and support for the life you were meant to live. Our Youth Group is full of teens going through many of the same situations as you, and the Youth Leaders will do all they can to relate the Word of God to the issues of your life.

The Cornerstone Teen Department is made up of Jr. High and Sr. High teens throughout the Phoenix area, as well as teens from all different backgrounds, family structures, and walks of life. Though we may all be different in more ways than one, we all are brought together by a simple goal: to know God more and to live as He intended us to. We purpose to provide a friendly spirit and welcoming attitude at Cornerstone. Please join us as we allow God to make our lives into something awesome!

What We Do
Teen Sunday School (Sundays @ 9am)
Every Sunday we meet together to study and learn from God's Word. This will be a time of fellowship, a chance to share prayer requests with one another, and an opportunity to praise the Lord for His blessings in our lives throughout the week. But most importantly, we will study the Word of God to see how it relates to the current issues of our lives with the intention of learning more about Him and living more like Him.

Wednesday Night Youth Group (Wednesdays @ 7pm)
Our Youth Group meets every Wednesday throughout the year. After a brief time of fellowship, we jump right into a study of God's Word to gain a better understanding of His will for our everyday lives. Any remaining time will be used for fun, games, activities, and snacks that will be sure to be an enjoyable time as a group.
Monthly Activities
Every month will include a youth activity usually on a Friday or Saturday Evening. Wild, crazy fun will be sure to happen as we find different activities every month for the purpose of having fun at church as a group. Be in your place at church to find out exactly when the next activity will be!

Other activities throughout the year include Teen Camp in Prescott, Youthcon in Oklahoma City, a Winter Trip, and many others like: baseball games, ice skating, restaurant take overs, All Nighters, in town youth rallys, scavenger hunts, and special parties.  Come join a great group of young people!

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