"... Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in..."

Luke 14:23

The Bus Ministry at Cornerstone Baptist Church brings children of all ages to our exciting Wednesday Night Children's Program known as Cornerstone Clubs and to our Sunday Children's Church and age-appropriate classes. We pick up riders throughout the Phoenix/Paradise Valley/Scottsdale area. Children five years of age and older are welcome to ride the bus. We will stop in front of your house or apartment and a trained worker will escort your child to and from the bus.  An experienced, licensed and friendly driver along with an adult bus captain and other workers are on board each vehicle. If you would like your children to come to these exciting programs through this ministry please, please call the church at (602) 867-2700. Adults needing transportation to church are also welcomed. 

Bus Registration Form

If you our your child would like to schedule a ride to our church, please fill out the form below.