Church Outreach

Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel...

Mark 16:15

Many people think that witnessing is done only through living a holy life before another person.  But, regardless of how effective your life may be lived before others, they must be shown precisely how.  If you would like to learn how to share the gospel with others, our church would be happy to teach you how to do this.  We go out soul-winning every Saturday as a group, which is a wonderful time of fellowship.  We would be happy to teach you how to share the gospel, and pair you up with someone who you can learn from.
Someone took the time and showed enough concern for you and your eternal destiny to tell you about Jesus Christ.  What might have happened if that person had not been faithful in witnessing?  Your commitment to Jesus Christ should lead you to share Him with someone else.  You cannot imagine the joy in sharing the gospel with someone for the first time.  This is how you can make the ultimate difference in the life of someone else.  Your first experience in leading someone to Christ will excite you and spur you to reach another.  That someone will in turn reach another, and the persons touched because you started a chain of witnesses will be uncountable.  Begin today to be a witness for Christ.

We meet at 8:30AM each Saturday morning in the Fellowship Hall. Breakfast is served to all who attend. We then break up in groups of 2-4 and each take a packet containing a map, church material, and tracts to pass out. Would you consider coming out and sharing your faith with someone in the community? You'll be glad you did! You never know how the Lord will use you until you make yourself available to Him.

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